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The Lindsay Lounge’s

Proof of enhanced QRC vaccination and masks are NOT required as of March 1, 2022 at The Lindsay Lounge Inc.

However we encourage our guests to stay safe and wear a mask. 


  • Stay at home if you are feeling unwell. Anyone who is ill must not attend any event.

  • We suggest that all attendees and staff comply with the following 3 basic preventive measures:

    • Maintain at least 1 metre or 6 feet distance from others

    • Masks or face coverings must be worn at all times when not eating/drinking.

    • Cover a sneeze or cough with a tissue or bent elbow, & immediately dispose of the tissue in a closed-lid bin. Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

    • Wash your hands frequently with soap & water, or with a hand sanitizer.

  • The COVID-19 screening form must be filled out by guests and all third-party vendors before the event.

  • If you’ve travelled outside of Canada or had close contact with anyone that has travelled outside of Canada in the past 10 days, you must isolate and talk with a doctor/health care provider to get advice or an assessment, including if you need a COVID-19 test.

  • The Lindsay Lounge will provide all necessary supplies – hand sanitizers or soap and tissues, safety protocol signs, backup masks. The masks are the client’s or the guest’s responsibility to bring their own masks, but we will provide backup masks as well.

  • The Lindsay Lounge will post signs that will remind attendees to practice these measures in highly visible locations.

  • The Lindsay Lounge will frequently sanitize high-touch surfaces. We disinfect before and right after every events as well.

  • The Lindsay Lounge will open windows if possible to increase ventilation and, if the weather permits.

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