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The Lindsay Lounge

Terms & Conditions

Booking: Please note that valid photo I.D must be provided with an your address in addition to the following.

Payment: In order to reserve your booking proof of address and a 30% deposit is required. Followed by 2 equal payments, final payment is due 14 days prior to the event. Your event is not considered definite until the deposit is received.  If the full payment is not received prior to the event, the function will not proceed, no refund will be provided. Any billing adjustments will be forwarded by separate invoice immediately upon completion of event and are due upon receipt. If for some reason we are unable to process your reservation, we will gladly refund you your deposit in full. The Lindsay Lounge reserves the right to cancel a reservation or booking.

Security Deposit Policy: A refundable security deposit is required for all bookings. Security deposits must be provided with a valid major credit card.  The security deposit covers charges for missing, damaged or abused items, cleaning fees for items not reasonably cleaned, additional labour and/or services performed and additional rental fees if applicable. The entire security deposit will be refunded if The Lindsay Lounge and all its contents are in the same condition as they were when the Client rented the premises.

Ahcohol Consumption Policy:

In order to consume alcohol at your event you must obtain:

  • Approval by management in writing

  • Special Occassion Permit ($50 fee)

  • Party Alcohol Liability insurance with The Lindsay Lounge Inc. listed as an added insured ($150 fee)

  • a S.M.A.R.T serve bartender (to serve the alcohol). Bartender must show proof of a valid SMART serve. We can provide a bartender for $35/hr.

  • Please note that all permits must be submitted for approval 14 days prior to your event. To read more about the Special Occassion Permit, click here


Event Insurance: If you plan on consumming alcohol, we require clients to obtain liability insurance with The Lindsay Lounge listed as a named insured for any events as part of our terms and conditions. Proof must be provided via email to 14 days prior to your event date. Please ask us how you can get special event insurance. The cost of the insurance is $150 including taxes.


The Lindsay Lounge Restrictions may vary but here are some general ones:

  • No alcoholic drinks or beverages of any sort unless the above alcohol policies are met.

  • No gambling.

  • No smoking.

  • No open flames or pyrotechnics

  • No fog-producing equipment

  • No confetti, flower petals or glitter - unless written permission is given by management

  • No fireworks, sky lanterns and any other incendiary items

  • No permanent markers of any kind

  • No holes may be made in the walls

  • Only painter’s tape or command hooks may be used to attach items to the wall or temporarily fix decor

Renters are responsible for any surfaces that are damaged by décor. All décor must be removed by the end of the rental agreement.

Failure to comply with the above restrictions will result in fines of up to $150 000 dollars. 

Cancellation Policy: If you reserve The Lindsay Lounge within 30 days of less from your event date, then you will receive a full refund less the following exceptions:

  • Administrative Fee of $75

  • Any custom decor, items or packages

  • Photography service

  • Cake Services

If you reserve The Lindsay Lounge more than 30 days from your event date, you will receive a credit to your account for 50% of your deposit. The other 50% will be refunded to you, less the administrative fee of $75 and any custom decor, items or packages, photography and cake services. 


Event Postponement: It is the sole decision of The Lindsay Lounge to allow a date postponement. If the original event date is postponed or changed, regardless of the reason, previous payments collected will not be refunded if the new contracted date is cancelled by the client. Original cancelation terms will remain in effect, but no monies previously collected will be returned.
Unpaid Balance:

In addition to any other remedy provided for herein, in the event the Client fails to pay any amount when due, the unpaid amount shall be subject to financing charges at the rate of 2% per month (24% annum). In the event any unpaid balance is referred to a solicitor or collection agency for collection, the Client shall be liable for all costs, including solicitor costs incurred in connection therewith.

Function Times: Start and end times of all functions are to be strictly adhered to. The end time indicated on your contract means that all of your belongings must be removed from your function room by that time as consecutive functions may be booked. Set up and dismantle time are to be specified at the time of the booking. However, both The Lindsay Lounge and the client shall be given a twenty (20) minute grace period respecting the scheduled starting time of each event. The client shall be liable for any additional expenses, including labour expenses incurred by The Lindsay Lounge as a result thereof. The Lindsay Convention Centre shall not be responsible for the culinary quality of the food, should the client delay serving time beyond this 20 minute grace period.

Limited Liability: The Lindsay Lounge shall not be responsible for any injuries to or loss suffered by any persons, including death, or for any loss of or damage to any  property belonging to the clients or its invitees, clients, patrons or guests while such persons or property are in or about the banquet facility or for any property  entrusted to The Lindsay Lounge, its employees, agents, officers and directors for safe keeping, whether such loss is by theft or otherwise. The client  agrees to indemnify and save harmless venue against all such losses, costs, claims or demands, including payment of legal expenses in connection therewith.

Rentals: Upon completion of the contracted function, any items belonging to or provided by The Lindsay Lounge that are (a) missing or (b) damaged in  excess of reasonably expected wear and tear from normal use, are the responsibility of the client and thus, said client will be billed for the full replacement value  of each item.

Damages: We reserve the right to inspect and control all private functions. Liability for damages to the premises will be charged accordingly. The convener for a function  is held responsible for any damages to the premises by their guests or independent contractors on their behalf. The Lindsay Lounge will not be  responsible for damage or loss of any personal property and equipment left in The Lindsay Lounge prior to, during or following any function. Confetti paper is not allowed and a clean-up fee of minimum $350.00 will be charged if it is used on the premises.

Force Majeure: The performance of the Agreement by either party is subject to acts of God, government authority, disaster, strikes or civil disorders, any of which make it illegal  or impossible to provide the facilities and/or services for your event. If the contract cannot be executed due to one of the aforementioned acts, the client may  postpone to a date when the event can take place as booked (within twelve (12) months of the original date). All monies paid will be transferred to the new date.

Disruptive Behaviour/Equipment: No person or function as a whole shall cause or create any inappropriate and/or excessive noise resulting in the unreasonable disturbance of another function  or damage to the facility. In the event that a function's noise level becomes disruptive to others, The Lindsay Lounge reserves the right to request the  level be reduced to a level that is acceptable to our management. If requests to reduce the noise level are not executed immediately any rate reductions that  are given as compensation to the offended client will be billed to the account of the event causing the disturbance. The Lindsay Lounge also reserves  the right to demand early-termination of the event should any contracted term and condition not be met. It is up to the organizer of an event to advise the sales  representative for The Lindsay Lounge  prior to booking if they are expecting that there may be excessive noise caused by their event. Bands and other live entertainment are not permitted to perform prior to 9:00pm unless otherwise specified by your coordinator.

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